European Startups

Techcrunch has an article about Innovate 2006, a conference that went down in Zaragoza, Spain, this week. Dozens of European startup companies showcased their products and services, of which some are web applications. Skype, eBay Europe, Symbian, Six Apart, Netvibes and the list goes on… see the complete list [[|here]].

They even summarized the startups they found most interesting which is way cool.

Interesting quotes from the article:

>//”First, entrepreneurs in Europe are not revered in the same way as the U.S. Many people in Europe consider entrepreneurs to be greedy and arrogant, trying to reach above themselves. That has to change. Entrepreneurs tend to ignore risk/reward ratios, drive economic growth, bring new jobs to a
country. They should be encouraged, not socially chastised”//

>//”Second, the complexity of creating a corporate entity, hiring employees and raising capital needs to be reduced. It’s simply too hard to create a company and get started.”//

>//”Third, taxes must come down, or entrepreneurs will continue to flee to the US and elsewhere.”//

There’s algo a [[|blog]] that seems to have some good

* //”[[|Europe Shows Its Stuff: Innovate 2006]]”//