SSH Faster Connections

I’ve recently been working a lot on remote ssh consoles. Today I wondered if there was any way to make
the connections go faster, after all I have 415 Kbps upstream and the
server I’m working on also has good connectivity, there’s no reason for
slowness. I then found this article on reusing ssh connections that made
me learn a new OpenSSH feature, the ability to reuse the already existing
connection to a remote host when I want to open subsequent connections.
Here is what the author had to say:

>”In the course of a typical day I’m sure we all open a plethora of ssh connections to our servers. I would also wager that most of us have multiple connections open to some systems. While these multiple connections don’t take up any noticeable amount of system resources each of these connections does take up some of your valuable time to establish.”

Reusing OpenSSH connections to the same host]]”

A funny thing
about this is that since one is using the same connection the “motd”
buffer or something gets flooded with “Last login from x.x.x.x”
messages. Still haven’t found a way to clean it.