Remember the Milk

Starting the day with a post on your blog can be anti-productivity but I’ll take the risk today.

Something I wanted to talk for some time now is [[|Remember the Milk]]. According to the authors its the best way to manage online to-do lists. But what I really wanted to talk is how I found it.

While browsing the PostgreSQL website I noticed the small bottom link they have to [[|TinySofa]] and got curious. I then followed the link and discovered //Remember the Milk// and also their one Linux distro also called TinySofa. My first though was “real entrepreneurs these guys”.

This is great example of how helping open-source projects can be a good thing for company. I can only think how much web traffic they get from that small link and the money they are not spending on marketing.

As for the application itself, it’s the Web 2.0 thing you could expect.

**Update:** In a conversation with [[|prla]] he brought up a good question. He thinks this is an excellent, excellent app., one of the best Web 2.0 examples, both in terms of interface and features. The question is, will the user be more happy with the long feature list of //Remember The Milk// or by the simplicity of [[|TadaList]]?