A9 and Amazon Ramblings

After reading the book “The Search”, the obvious thing do to (at least for me) was to try out the A9 search engine, and boy, does it rock. I installed the A9 toolbar into firefox and it supports diary entry notes for each different site I go, history, bookmarks, site info directly from Alexa.com, etc.., and you can even set preferences like ‘find results only in Portuguese’, ‘open results in new window’, etc. Another incentive they arranged is that you get 1.6% discount on Amazon items, not too much but just enough for me (and possiby many others) to use the toolbar.

Now, another obvious thing is that there are monitoring every single thing I do while I’m browsing the net. The Big Brother is watching me. After a week of spying, A9 promises my search experience will become much better, finding what I usually look for easier and quicker. Like Osho say, when people have a dream, you can always become their leader by promising what they want.

One feature I would like to see on A9, and by the way in Google also (and others), is the possibility of searching inside Amazon.co.uk instead of Amazon.com. I usually buy items there. Another feature I would like to see, this time in Amazon.com/.co.uk itself, would be to import items from my .com account into the .co.uk back and forth. By sloopyness I started too wishlists a long time ago and by now I have books in both of them and well.. you get the picture. Don’t know if this happened to anyone else, but it happened to me.