How the Money Contest Failed, Graham and a Great Idea

In the begining of the month I said I would live the whole month in Évora with 250€ (house rent excluded). That has failed miserably. It’s now the 23th and I’ve spend 270€ already.

The main reason for this failure I think was the fact that I didn’t use a separate account to manage the 250€. Lesson number one: Having more money favors more spending. Another lesson, rather obvious, is that by eating at home I save more. Since many times, especially at lunch there isn’t time to cook, eating at the University has become an alternative to other restaurants because it is rather cheap (less than 4€ for a meal).

Drive less, walk more! It’s the best way to save these days. The gas price has gone nuts.

On another note, I read the latest post on Graham’s blog and a quote caught my eye:

>”Here we are. So what is our purpose here? Well, we humans are as conspicuously different from other animals as the anteater. In our case the distinguishing feature is the ability to reason. So obviously that is what we should be doing, and a human who doesn’t is doing a bad job of being human– is no better than an animal.”

I wonder how this contradicts the search for emptyness, normally associated with Zen Budishm.

The guys at [[|Steelpixel]] had a great idea. They are offering lifetime hosting starting at 150$, one-time fee. Read on because it is worth it:

>VC or not to VC, that is a tricky question. Chris and I made the decision long ago that we would never take VC. We don’t feel it allows you the freedom to run a company the way you think it should be run. If you can’t do that, what is the point of running your own company?

>We have kicked around a few ideas on how to get money to pay for things we need. We talked about borrowing Kevin Burton’s idea and setup adsense and have people use that for us. We decided we wanted to offer something in return for helping us out so we decided to use the same idea TextDrive did. We are offering two lifetime hosting packages to customers, starting now.

>The money we raise will allow us to add more server capacity, increase our support response time (by make this our full time gig), and to focus on ways to improve the entire hosting process for our customers.