The Exorcist

Somehow today I remembered the movie //The Exorcist//. I later went to the Wikipedia page that covers the film details and guess what, I found an actual [[|360º virtual view]] of the steps where Father Damien Karras dies. Creepy. Went to Google Maps and Yahoo Maps but it hasn’t enough detail on that spot to make it interesting.

I rented the DVD //[[|Last Days]]//, to watch tonight. Yesterday I watched //[[|Wiker Park]]// (2004) with Ana and I thought it was great. I went back to [[|MovieLens]] today, a movie recomendation site after a few months of absence since I registered. I first heard about it when I went to Brazil and saw a workshop on recomendation systems. The system is rather interesting, it uses simple algorithms like K-Means and correlation, etc.. but I didn’t saw any movie recommended by it so I can’t say if it works or not :-)

Other than that, today I was able to run for 20min in a row, wow, not bad.