25 Years Financially Supporting a Slacker Like Me Isn't Easy

One of my laptop wings broke a few days ago. Its the end-of-life for this old Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 that will turn 6 years next August. Funny that precisely the same thing happened to Cláudio a few months ago, he had the same laptop with nearly the same age (a month older) and the right wing broke. I guess Toshiba had this pretty well figured out, ham?

I’m now inclined to acquire a Macbook Pro or a Thinkpad but this will not happen probably until October or so. Although I have the money to buy it now I also have to think about the next months and I decided I wouldn’t take money from my parents anymore. 25 years financially supporting a slacker like me is already more than enough and not easy. They are in good age to enjoy life, travelling or in any other way they see fit.

Tiago invited me and Ana to a stand-up show by Pedro Tochas, a Portuguese well-known comediant. It will be great, this guy realls rocks. In the mean time, my new ADSL modem has arrived! Me and Ana have upgraded to Clix 16 Mbits, the fastest home-user internet solution available at the moment in Portugal (I think). For my happy surprise, the modem supports Ethernet :) Work has also arrived, this time via e-mail. Have to prepare this week classes.

Google has launched the Google Calendar and they got it right as usual. I don’t want to think what will happen now to those couple of startups that were on the run for a web calendar. Close the doors probably.

Publico newspaper featured a two page article this week about Web 2.0 and “social networking” web sites. Many well-known sites like Flickr, del.icio.us, 43folders, etc.. were featured. Very nice article.