OpenBSD GNU Prolog Port Breakage

I’m the maintaner of the gprolog package under OpenBSD. GNU Prolog stopped building correctly a few months ago and I’m trying to fix it. Some related ideas follow..

I suspect the problem is related to the changes in malloc(3):

> “..the userland’s method for allocating memory, has been rewritten to use the mmap(2) system call on OpenBSD. Traditionally, memory allocated to a system would be all together in one contiguous region. If an algorithm in a program behaved reliably but stepping slightly outside the area of memory it allocated, this was a bug gone undetected. With the release of 3.8, because of the way mmap randomizes the location in memory, this is no longer true.”

This new behavior seemed to break the compilation process.

**Update:** To those of you of saw the first version of this post you might have noticed I lost part of it. This was due to a problem with my internet connection while updating the post at the same time. Oh well, life goes on..