What we've been doing on OpenBSD .PT

Last weekend, at an [[http://www.dubufo.com|event in Portugal]], [[http://www.openbsd-pt.com|OpenBSD .PT]] showed a redundant OpenBSD firewall working with two soekrises and two laptops. We had one laptop playing an mp3 that was physically on the second laptop, being shared via NFS, and then simulated a failure on the firewall. A second machine claimed automatically the firewall identity on the network and the music playing just choked a bit and recovered nicely. Kind of what Ryan McBride did at EuroBSDCon but without the axe part! Anyway, it definitely was fun to watch and it is also a good reminder of an OpenBSD based solution that companies can implement under a low budget. Some [[http://www.openbsd-pt.com/eventos/moita2006/photos/|photos]] are also available.

**Update:** I submitted this story to the [[http://www.undeadly.org|OpenBSD Journal]] and it got published.

[[http://www.openbsd-pt.com|OpenBSD .PT]] is running a collective donation effort for OpenBSD. We have gathered around 170€ till now (if you’re interested [[
http://neei.uevora.pt/pipermail/openbsd/2006-March/000350.html|read here]]).

Btw, have you seen [[http://deraadt.livejournal.com/|Theo De Raadt’s blog]]?

OMG! My very [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pm2|first Wikipedia page]] is up. It’s about PM2, a software for distributed computing I’m using on [[http://www.morgadinho.org|work]]. I’ve deleted the local page I had, not that anyone should care.