iCon Steve Jobs

Did you read [[http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=10852997&postID=114304702238122035|this review]] on the book [[http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0471720836/qid=1143161680/sr=2-1/ref=sr_2_3_1/202-7189336-7634248|”iCon”]]?

I also recently finished this book and agree with [[http://granny.homelinux.org/pieceofmind|Prla]] when he says:

> That’s an awful lot of dollars and it goes around in Silicon Valley the same way you and I buy chewing gum.

While reading the book, I frequently skipped the numbers because I always had to think twice before understanding how much money was at stake.

Later on reading I realized what at first had puzzled my mind, why was it an unauthorized biography? Obviously Jobs couldn’t authorize such a bad prospect of himself being publish with his blessing.

What more can I say? I don’t know.. it’s very interesting to see his concern with the design of things.. to say “the next Apple computer can’t be any larger than this phone list!” and leave the meeting is top-notch among many other things that go by in this book.

His strong attitude and persistency, according to the book, are incredible! The first job interview at Atari in which he refuses to abandon the room until he gets a job there or the DoS (Denial of Service) he did to the marketing firm he wanted to Apple, etc. are perfect examples. That’s the profile we associate with entrepreneurs these but while I try to be that way, for him it just seems to be his Tao (nature).

To ask workers in the elevator: “Why should we pay you?” is also incredible..

His interest on Zen Buddhism is also quite interesting. In Zen Buddhism there’s a search for emptyness and non-attachment (each person is one and doesn’t depend on anyone or anything to be happy). He is really detached and does what he think best without any fear of what other people will think or say.

The life of Steve Jobs is inspiring and to know it better gives me will to create new things, beautiful designed and capable of changing the world to a better place. And the book well transmits that inspiration.