Most things actually work!

Seriously, how hard can it be to configure a proper “404 Not Found” in a web application? I’m not talking for a blog or some homepage, for that I couldn’t care less. But for a real web-application like [[|on-line banking]] it breaks my heart to see the [[|default IIS 404 page]] with the ‘Microsoft Support’ contact. Are these guys monitoring what’s happening with their application? I guess not..

Setting up a 404 Not Found page with an e-mail form is not that hard and in these cases it makes all sense. You’d probably wanna say something like:

> If you have a question or some feedback, please tell us!

Or if you’re into something more emotionally appealing, and I’ll quote [[|Joel Spolsky]] on this:

> Most things actually work!

Like Winamp said back in 2003 when Nullsoft shipped a new version.

On a side note, did you read //”[[|A closer look to gedit 2.14]]”// already? It’s an interesting piece I think.