Extracting WordPress: The Right Way

Yesterday I worked ten hours.
That’s not bad, at least for me. From 15:30h-20h and then from 21:30h-2h.
Today I’m taking the morning to relax and get my news “fix”.

I must confess, this blog thing never quite worked for me. I always think too much before I write something and so spend a lot of time before writing anything and I can’t not always afford that. I got myself a blog in the first place because I wanted to be able to update my site on-the-fly and though this was the best way.

People change. And that’s good. For example, until recently, I never seriously consider the chance of buying a Mac. And now I do, so you never know what will happen.

Upgraded to
2.0.2]]. I’m curious on how others are dealing with the plugin
deactivation on the upgrade process. For example, for me, since I’m using
[[http://doku.granny.homelinux.org/|Dokupress]], while I’m upgrading, the
posts fall back to normal syntax instead of Doku syntax.

Also, when
upgrading WordPress, when you need to extract the WordPress package, if
you issue //tar// within the blog directory you will end with a
//wordpress// directory inside your blog, which sucks. Of course I could
extract it and then ‘//mv wordpress morgadinho.org//’ but that isn’t
//sexy enough// as I have other directories inside my blog directory. I
tryed creating a symlink in ../blogdirectory called //wordpress// but then
//tar// would destroy the link instead of following it.

Then I
found the //-h// option to //tar// that makes it follow symlinks and so
this worked:

$ ln -s morgadinho.org wordpress
$ tar
-zxvf ~/latest.tar.gz -h -C .

Of course I could also
talk about what I’m working on, but I’ll leave that for another