What I want to get out of the Journalism Masterclass I’m taking on Udemy?

I want to improve my writing, namely for blogging purposes. I believe blogging can be a very handy personal tool but I seem unable to blog as I would like.  It is easy to let life go by without taking the time to reflect upon what is happening in your life in each moment. When blogging turned popular I became interested but always struggled to write often and more important, to write genuinely, about what was going on in my life. To be able to go back a year and see a snapshot of what happened to me on a certain day, what I did, whom I spoke with, what I thought that day, what I experienced is a huge blessing that is very appealing to me. I hope with this masterclass I can start conveying better my experiences and thoughts and thus contribute to my own happiness, both while writing and in years to come. Life is short. Keep blogging.

“Today, stop wishing for it and start working for it. Talk is cheap. Action is priceless.”

Scalable WordPress Hosting

Just how far do the current WordPress hosting solutions go when you have a site with hundreds of thousands hits per day? Using loader.io I’ve set myself to test a few of the WordPress-specfic hosting solutions out there to test how they handle high traffic and stressful peak situations.

WPEngine (live environment)

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 15.58.06

Elasticdot (development mode)

The load test brought the web server down. The clarification provided by their support staff was: “since the App that you are testing out is in development mode, that App is served by a micro-Dot, the smallest available.” I would have to pay to test the live environment so I didn’t pursue further.

Linode (live environment)

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 16.11.03

Pantheon (live environment)

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 19.09.13

Also I would like to test WordPress running on HHVM but to date there isn’t a hosting solution out there that supports this out of the box.

P.S. : my MSc advisor would kill me for publishing such inaccurate results. A proper test would include several test runs, an average response time and a whole lot more information about how I’m conducting these tests. Basically these results are to be taken lightly and as a general guideline of what you would find by hosting a vanilla WordPress and pointing loader.io to it.

P.S. #2: I need a solution that can handle peaks of 2 million a day, if you have any ideas leave a comment. Thanks

Using WordPress as a CMS for Mobile Apps

We already know WordPress is a very good CMS for websites but with the recently introduced JSON REST API in WordPress core, things just got a lot more interesting.

With this API we are now able to use WordPress as a CMS for both a client’s website and his mobile apps which allows for greater simplicity and a one-stop backoffice for all their contents.

I’m just coming off a project now where we used this approach and there are a few key points to share:


  • Uploading Media works well;
  • Normal Posts and Pages works well;
  • Custom Post Types, Custom taxonomies works well;
  • Integrates nicely with WPML as multilingual solution making it perfect for multilingual mobile apps;


  • In every request the mobile app will have to authenticate itself by sending username/password;
  • The API is built in such a way to expose as much information about every object as possible so you might find yourself digging through a large object even if you only need one or two fields;
  • If we’re talking about an app that will have lots of users you might find yourself overloading your web server unnecessarily.

Even so I believe the positive points still largely payoff.  I’m excited as I see this project coming into live in such a short period and the insane value delivered to the client that can now update his apps from a similar backoffice to where I’m writing this post :-)

Can everyone become an Entrepreneur?

In a room with 100 people if we ask for a handstand what do you reckon will be the results?

  • how many will be able to do a handstand right away?
  • how many will be able to do a handstand after varying levels of practice, time and guidance?
  • how many will never be able to do a handstand because they will drop out or won’t commit to enough practicing, dieting, exercising, etc.?

Do you think the same can be applied to entrepreneurship?